Box 180, 102 Centre St. Vulcan, AB T0L 2B0

Vulcan County is home to approximately 4,440 square kilometers of agriculture lands.

The rich, level soil and long growing season make great farmland.

Viable crops in Vulcan County include corn, beans, seed canola, peas, lentils, canola, wheat, and hemp.

Vulcan County Agriculture – Our Story

Ag societies registered under the Alberta Agricultural Societies of Alberta represent each community in the county.

Vulcan County is home to several seed cleaning plants listed here:

  1. Carmangay Seed Cleaning Plant – contact 403-643-3656
  2. Vulcan Seed Cleaning Association – contact 403-485-2463
  3. Milo Seed Cleaning Association – contact 403-599-2150

 G3 Terminals  – A state of the art facility featuring the same high efficiency technology as G3’s other new elevators on the Prairies, which can empty a Super-B truck in less than five minutes and load 134-car trains in a matter of hours on the loop track. “With the vison of building a smarter path between farmers fields’ to global markets, G3 is transforming the way grain moves”.

Eat Local – Where to find local grown food in Vulcan County (click here)

In addition to our agriculture development, there are opportunities emerging in the agriculture industry in support of attraction of high intensity growing programs and pulse crop development adding to agri-food innovation and food chain sustainability. The Plant Protein Alliance of Alberta (PPAA) is an organization formed to help educate and organize Albertans,   to take advantage of innovative growing programs being developed globally to bring them to Alberta.

The Protein Industries Supercluster (PIC) will use plant genomics and novel processing technology to increase the value of key Canadian crops, such as canola, wheat and pulses. These crops are coveted in many foreign markets such as China and India, and will help satisfy growing markets in North America and Europe for plant-based meat alternatives and other food products. Building on Canada’s reputation as a leader in agricultural production, this supercluster will make Canada a leading source for plant proteins and, ultimately, feed the world.

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Also refer to Vulcan County Agriculture for a list of programs and services