Box 180, 102 Centre St. Vulcan, AB T0L 2B0

Vulcan County’s Economic Development Department works hard to identify and promote the local economy to improve quality of life as well as managing social and economic growth in the County.

Ultimately, economic development develops and implements strategic planning and coordinates the implementation of programs, projects, and services that strengthen Vulcan County’s image as a great place to live, work, and play.

Our priority is to work with local businesses to help them thrive while working to promote the social, environmental and agricultural needs of the community.

Some core services facilitated by the Vulcan County Economic Development Department are:

  • Community Investment Readiness Programming promotes and supports a strong investment attraction climate in Vulcan County. The program is designed to help our community develop the tools and capability to attract, receive and successfully explore investment opportunities.

  • Business Retention and Economic Attraction Programming (BREA) is a system of programs and project resources that when coordinated strengthen the business community proactively while promoting business sustainability and retention and an important piece to this is implementation of tools for marketing for attraction of investment. One of the specific programs that falls under this initiative is the Business Visitation Program (BRE).

  • Business Visitation & Health Programming (BRE) is a process of organized business visitations where economic development interviews business owners and local service providers to acquire one on one specific information to review business progress and growth challenges as well these interview sessions provide an opportunity for economic development to advise them on resources to promote their overall business health and sustainability. The data feedback provided from these interviews is then collected and tracked to act as a baseline to make helpful recommendations and to continue to support and gauge our business community’s success proactively that can be communicated to Council.

  • Community Economic Capacity Development involves economic development connecting and leveraging partnerships and program outcomes that will increase economic outreach such as working with larger companies to develop a local supply chain or bridging service gaps to ensure everything is not outsourced with little to no economic retention locally.

  • Grant Sourcing is essential to all our programming as economic development is not only charged with locating & linking funding opportunities to increase entrepreneurship and business development in all sectors, we must also develop increased funding for in-house economic projects. Another skill-set required by successful economic developers is grant writing as it is essential to driving economic outcomes.

  • Labour & Investment Attraction involves implementing strategy and programming that increases our effectiveness in attracting people to work, live, stay in our community that will support industry investment and attraction. Strong and effective partnerships are the key to our success.

  • Marketing & Promotion is the grass roots strategy to successful attraction of people, events, labour development, investment and promotion of place in fact it effects everything we do in economic development and is therefore essential. Understanding the tools required for setting up successful marketing programming is invaluable to our business community and partnering to attract professional resources that can implement sessions for training and empowering our business at a local level is critical process.  Marketing of municipal programs, projects, events, and investment opportunities requires a strategically competitive skill set as more and more municipalities are competing for investment. Marketing and branding both fall under this.

  • Tourism Capacity Development in most municipalities in Alberta is considered to be a system of strategies, programming, and projects to attract tourism and tourism growth that when facilitated bridge our economies especially in economic down-turns. It is the process of attracting visitation through events, facilities, natural and cultural attractions in an organized manner that creates economic impact that generates additional revenue and investment attraction to a community. People often locate to a community based on a memorable experiences created while visiting an area that draw them back wanting more. It is important to understand the value in creating a memorable place with great customer service. Tourism revenue potential in Alberta is in excess $7 Billion dollars and retention of tourism revenue can be critical to sustainability.

  • Increasing economic viability through partnerships is a municipal factor for success especially as the provincial purse grows smaller all municipalities compete for the same funding programs therefore creating and attracting economic success relies on our ability to network and bring partnerships together to create greater economic outcomes. Private Public Partnerships more and more are driving the majority of development in Alberta and our strength relies on stewardship of those types of partnership opportunities to continue.

If you have any questions or concerns you would like to discuss, or if you need assistance with business planning, contact Vulcan County at (403) 485-2241.