Box 180, 102 Centre St. Vulcan, AB T0L 2B0

APPLY NOW! – For the AETI Skills-up Transitional Career Training in renewable energy hosted by Vulcan County and funding sponsored by Community Futures Highwood – more information here:

Vulcan County works in partnership with the Lethbridge Educational Advisory Council and together we are in the process of reviewing local educational programming needs. For a list of regional training programs, and courses of study offered at Lethbridge College please see here.

Lethbridge College is located 1 hour south of the County and brokers online adult courses through the Rainbow Society Adult Learning Centre  in the Town of Vulcan.

Lethbridge College offers an excellent Wind Technician Training Program. With increasing demand for economic diversification and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, wind farms are becoming more prominent and the demand for trained professionals is rising. This program is highly desirable because it will enable you to work in Vulcan County’s wind energy sector. Supporting Fact: We are home to Black Spring Ridge, which is the largest wind facility in Western Canada. Blackspring Ridge produces enough energy to power a small city, and employs 12-14 Wind Technologists.

Lethbridge College also offers a diploma in Agriculture Enterprise Management. Whether you grew up with a background in agriculture, or if you want to make a difference in food production and processing, The Agricultural Enterprise Management program goes beyond theory to include blended and experiential learning, as well as applied research, working with and for the agricultural industry to solve real-world problems.

The Olds College Smart Farm is also open to the discussion of future needs for agri-food and agri-innovation training in Southern Alberta. As Vulcan County is a primarily agriculture based community, there is a growing demand for new ideas and ag-technologies. Olds College’s Smart Farm initiative and other programs offer Farmers the opportunity to learn cutting edge techniques and tools to enhance their operations! Please see here for a list of agriculture training & safety programs offered.

McBride Career Group also offers Adult upgrading courses locally. Please see here for a listing of courses provided locally.

The University of Lethbridge’s Major in Agricultural Studies is a unique program that focuses on both the art and the science of agricultural practices from theoretical and applied perspectives, including extensive lab experience and special emphasis on current issues and cutting-edge research. As a multidisciplinary major, agricultural studies take full advantage of resources and course offerings in the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Geography & Environment and Economics. This broad range of perspectives helps expand the understanding of issues such as policy development, the farm as a production unit and the environmental implications of land use.